Media Mentions

This page is devoted to archiving media and blog stories about Princess Palace, its sister blogs Royal Expert Certification and Royal Blog Central, and their author Cheryl Anderson Brown.

3 July 2011
The Royal Report online radio
Diana at 50
My comments about Diana's legacy are included among others.

29 June 2011
Preppy Princess blog
Royal outrage while Newsweek execs "couldn't be happier"
While discussing the furore over Newsweek's decision to photoshop photos of Diana Princess of Wales, this post mentions my Twitter campaign urging people not to buy the magazine.

26 June 2011
The Royal Report online radio
More Royal Blogs
In a discussion of the changing world of royal blogs, all three of my blogs are cited, especially Royal Blog Central for its help in providing access to other royal blogs.

20 April 2011
Voice of America radio broadcast
A Royal Obsession, Do Americans Care?
Syndicated internationally and picked up by several media outlets. Along with others, I am interviewed about the role of Britain's royals and interest in the royal wedding.

16 April 2011
Book Lovers Resource
I Danced with a Man who Danced with a Woman who Danced with the Prince of Wales
Cited as one of the "expert ladies" who "have forgotten more royal details than we’ll ever know."

14 April 2011
The Atlanta Post
The Economics of the Royal Wedding
I am quoted about the potential interest in the royal wedding.