17 June 2015

And the Name Is...

Photo The Royal Court, Sweden
The Swedish Court today announced the name and title of the new son of Princess Madeleine and her British-American husband Christopher O'Neill. The baby was born on Monday, June 15, and is the third grandchild of King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia. His 16-month-old sister is Princess Leonore, Duchess of Gotland.

The new baby is Prince Nicolas Paul Gustav, Duke of Ă…ngermanland. He is sixth in line of succession to the throne.

16 June 2015

New Pics for Prince but No Name

Foto Kungahuset.se / Photo The Royal Court, Sweden
The name has been announced.

We still don't have a name for the new son of Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her British-American husband Chris O'Neill, but the Palace has released two photos. The baby prince was born yesterday, just two days after his uncle Prince Carl Philip's wedding. I have issued some very random name guesses on my Twitter feed (@PalacePrincess). These include: Patrick, Paul, Liam, Edric, Phelan, Peter, Nathan, Samuel, Johan and Felix. I have no reasons for any of these! We shall see what happens... The Palace has announced that there will be a Cabinet meeting on June 17; the baby's name will be presented there. One more day...