05 August 2017

Quick Bio: Matilda of Flanders

Originally from "Queens of England" - 1894.
via Wikimedia Commons

c. 1031

Baldwin V Count of Flanders and Adela of France

William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy & King of England

c. 1051-1052

Statue by Carle Elshoecht (1850). Luxembourg Garden, Paris.
By Tosca via Wikimedia Commons

9 or 10 who lived to adulthood: Robert Duke of Normandy; Richard; William II of England; Henry I of England; Agatha; Adeliza; Cecilia Abbesst of Holy Trinity, Caen; Matilda; Constance Duchess of Brittany; Adela Countess of Blois

Crowned Queen Consort of England at Westminster in 1068

Unknown artist. Pen, ink and watercolour, 18 x 13.3cm (7 1/8" x 5 1/2").
National Portrait Gallery (RN49540). National Portrait Gallery, London
via Wikimedia Commons

Governed Normandy during her husband's absence in England, first English consort to officially share in royal power, secured excellent education for her children (both sons and daughters

UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS: Many stories claim that she turned down William's proposal because he was a bastard. As a result he is said to have ridden to her home (or church) and violently snatched her by her hair, after which she refused to marry anyone else. Also, a poorly conducted examination of her bones in 1959 concluded that she was only 4'2"; it has been discredited.

November 1083 from illness

L'Abbaye aux Dames in Caen, Normandy, France

Photograph of the chancel of the Women's Abbey at Caen
with Queen Matilda's grave shown in the center.
By Greenshed via Wikimedia Commons

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