13 April 2014

Five Reasons Kate is NOT Pregnant

An off-hand comment during the royal tour recently re-sparked baby rumors for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William reportedly told a woman who had made a shawl for Prince George that she might have to make another one soon. The lady cheerfully shared the story with the media, confidently stating that he had said it like it was a secret. The world's media and the Twitter-verse were immediately atwitter with many ready to watch every second of an upcoming scheduled wine tasting--would Kate swallow? (Of course not; you don't swallow at a tasting.) Some even reported that they thought they could see a bump.

The Princess Palace is going to go out on a limb here and state categorically that it is my quasi-expert opinion that Catherine Duchess of Cambridge is not pregnant, and here are the reasons why I think she is not:

1. She is in the middle of a grueling overseas tour on the other side of the world, hardly a time when one would want to be in the early stages of pregnancy, especially since...

2. Last time she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, an extreme form of morning sickness, that left her hospitalized for several days. I don't think that kind of hospital visit is planned for the royal tour of Australia and New Zealand.

3. Since parting from the military, William has returned to school, spending a lot of his time away from home in recent weeks. That doesn't make a pregnancy impossible, but certainly more challenging to plan.

4. Prince William is not likely to have shared a secret like that with a stranger in the crowd. Remember last spring when a woman was certain that Kate had let it slip that she was expecting a daughter?--I think we all believe that Prince George is a son.

5. Others have pointed to a more likely planned conception time following the tour when they have more together time and a less hectic public schedule in the coming months. That seems a more likely schedule that would put 20 to 30 months between the siblings, a spacing that fits well with the families that Kate and William both grew up in.

If I am wrong, you can all point fingers and laugh at me later. In the meantime, try to stop jumping the gun and just enjoy learning more about New Zealand and Australia and catching glimpses of baby George as the royal tour continues.

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