06 April 2015

Get Ready Australia! Prince Harry still needs a princess

By Carfax2 via Wikimedia Commons
It has been over a decade since a royal prince found a bride Down Under. Now, that Europe's most eligible royal bachelor is in Australia, it could happen again. He is there for four weeks on an attachment with the Australian Army as part of his ongoing military career. That is much longer than it took Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark to meet Tasmania's Mary Donaldson during the Sydney Olympics in 2000. While he will be busy with his military duties during most of his stay, Harry is sure to have some down time with the lads. Don't be surprised to find him at a local pub or club. Remember to look your best for the next month, ladies. ;)

Of course, his dad The Prince of Wales spent a longer stint in Australia back in the 1970s, while his uncles The Duke of York studied in Canada and The Earl of Wessex completed a teaching project in New Zealand, all without bringing back a bride. Let Crown Princess Mary be your shining beacon of hope: she is now the mum of four little princelings and has a wardrobe and jewelry collection you can only dream of, and she gets to spend a good bit of her time supporting causes she cares about instead of working in a drudge job to pay the mortgage.

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