22 January 2016

This Week in Princesses

UNITED KINGDOM: Going to church, Jan. 17

The Queen is a faithful Christian, which is certainly a good thing for the Supreme Head of the Church of England. This week, she attended Sunday services at Hillington in King's Lynn, near her estate at Sandringham.

NORWAY: 25th anniversary celebrations, Jan. 17

The Norwegian royals invited their counterparts to celebrate the 25th anniversary of King Harald's accession. The gathered royals popped out onto the balcony for a bit, including (from left) Queen Silvia of Sweden, Princess Astrid of Norway, King Carl Gustav of Sweden, and Queen Margrethe of Denmark. They are all cousins since King Harald's mother was a Swedish princess and his grandfather was a Danish prince. (FYI His grandmother was a British princess, so he is also closely related to the Windsors.)

The extended Norwegian royal family with their royal guests.

Three Nordic queens in a row.

NORWAY: Outdoor games, Jan. 17

Norwegians love to be outside, even in depths of winter, and they love their winter sports, so it is not surprising that the King's anniversary was also celebrated with outdoor games. Several members of the royal family participated, including Princess Ingrid Alexandra, the Crown Prince and Princess, and Prince Sverre Magnus.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: U.N. Report on Humanitarian Aid, Jan. 17

Jordanian Princess Haya bint al-Hussein and her husband, the ruler of Dubai, gathered with the U.N. Secretary General to hear a report on the funding of humanitarian aid by the United Nations. Haya, who is designated as a U.N. Messenger of Peace, also spoke at the conference.

THE VATICAN/MONACO: A visit to the Pope, Jan. 18

Princess Charlene exercised the privilege du blanc this time on her visit to Pope Francis with her husband. Although it is traditional for women to wear black in the presence of the pontiff, Catholic queens and princesses are often extended the "privilege" of wearing white. On her last visit, Charlene, who converted to Catholicism before her marriage, wore black.

MONACO: Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, Jan. 19

After returning to Monaco, Prince Albert was joined by his two sisters, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie, for day six of the Monte Carlo Circus Festival. Now in its 40th year, this is a favorite annual event for the family. Caroline's son Pierre Casiraghi and Stephanie's children Louis and Pauline Ducruet and Camille Gottlieb were also there. Several of the family members were souvenir scarves from the festival, including Pauline who were it as a top under her white jacket.

BELGIUM/JORDAN: World Economic Forum, Jan. 19-20

Queen Rania has had a very busy year already. She continued her high-profile program by participating in the World Economic Forum's session about humanitarianism, which was also attended by Queen Mathilde. The two women met together on the topic last week in Belgium.

SPAIN: International Tourism Fair, Jan. 20

Queen Letizia was back to basics with a black suit and white blouse for a visit to an international tourism fair in her capital of Madrid. Among the world's royal ladies, she is definitely the queen of pants suits.

SPAIN: Happy Birthday! Jan. 20

Meanwhile, across town, Letizia's sister-in-law Infanta Elena celebrated her birthday by spending the day in a favorite pursuit of many royal ladies: riding horses.

UNITED KINGDOM: Women's Institute, Jan. 21

The Queen donned a gorgeous blue coat to visit the Women's Institute of West Newton. For our American readers, the W.I. is the largest women's volunteer organization in the U.K., though originally founded in Canada. They hold monthly meetings, raise money for their communities, and have a particular focus on foods and crafts. The movie Calendar Girls tells the true story of one chapter's delectable fundraising effort.

NORWAY: Happy birthday! Jan. 21

The festive week continued in Norway as the future Queen Ingrid Alexandra celebrated her 12th birthday by handing out a new set of official photographs. The pics were taken in August at the same time that the family posed for her grandfather's jubilee portraits. It is widely reported that the princess is wearing a ruby hear necklace given to her by her grandmother Queen Sonja.

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