18 January 2017

Update: Blog Postponed

Hi everyone! Don't think I have forgotten about you or our princesses. Just having tons of complications at work and in moving house. Have been working on a post in pieces, so I may be able to get that one up soon. Otherwise, I should be back on form by Monday.

In the meantime, here are my comments on the latest royal news:
- RIP to Anthony Earl Snowdon. A handsome devil, wasn't he? Now we have a new Countess Snowdon, the beautiful Serena.
- Didn't see the divorce announcement from Princess Tessy coming so I didn't have her on the 2017 list of Princesses to watch. Too sad.
- Not impressed with Victoria, which is now airing on American public television. Still holding out hope for it though.

Now, to distract you from my absence, here is an adorable pic of baby Princess Margaret with her mum (later Queen Mother) and big sis (our current Queen Elizabeth II).

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  1. Thank you Cheryl - good luck with all your busy-ness. We look forward to more posts soon...