25 April 2018

Still Waiting for a Name

Since we are still waiting for a name for the new Cambridge prince, I thought I would dig back out all of my predictions for the Cambridge kids and see what's still in the bag of choices. So here is a synopsis of my Boy Name Possibilities from all three Cambridge babies:

(Before we get started, I want to make sure that you know the Cambridges' first two children are named George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.)

[UPDATE: The baby's name is Louis Arthur Charles.]

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June 2013: What Will Kate Name the Baby?
Having failed to predict the unusual Nordic royal baby names that preceded the birth of Prince George (Estelle of Sweden, Vincent of Denmark, etc.), I acknowledged in this post that "Predicting royal baby names is more art than science." I went on to discuss the importance of choosing a name with historical ties for this particular baby, an anticipated future monarch. However, "historical ties" could include national patron saints, national heroes and legendary figures as well as former monarchs.

I rightly chose George as a "stronger likelihood" because it not only had been used by six previous kings, but also was the regnal name of the current queen's beloved father.

This time, I predicted that the baby would get four names -- he got three -- and listed my top boys' prognostications as:

Robert Philip Michael David or George Andrew Michael Charles

July 2013: Naming Prince X of Cambridge: A Scottish Surprise
As this post shows, I keep looking for more tributes to the Scots history among the British Royal Family. Since William and Catherine were naming a future king in 2013, I stuck to the list of Kings Regnant for my choices. I mentioned the kingly "English" names of William, Henry, Stephen, Richard, John, Edward, James, Charles, George, Alfred, Edmund, Edgar, Canute and Harold. Then, I added the Scottish regal names of Kenneth, Constantine, Donald, Malcolm, Duncan, Alexander, David and Robert. Finally, I topped the list with legendary Welsh King Arthur. Twenty options in all.

At that time, I foolishly (as it turned out) removed George from my guesses because it had become "too popular" among the media and the betting public. I also eliminated James. 

My top choices from this list were:

Robert, David, Alexander (one of Prince George's secondary names), Charles, Alfred, and Arthur.

Today, Arthur is one of the most popular options. Having learned my lesson before, I'm certainly not going to bet against. 

February 2015: Cambridge Baby #2 Names
For the Cambridge's second child, I eased off on emphasizing the names of former monarchs, which opened up a billion other possibilities. Not only could we consider the names of non-reigning historic royals and extended family members, but why not consider the names of Catherine's relatives and William's godparents, too? (Prince Norton, anyone?) Of course, I was still harping on my Scottish theme, too.... 

So, this time, my boys' choices were:
Philip Michael Charles or Robert Andrew Michael

(Let's just say, I didn't guess Charlotte for a girl. In fact, I didn't even mention it. Odd, since it's a name I personally and royally love.)

March 2015: Unusual Name Choices for the Cambridge Baby
Still waiting for Princess Charlotte's birth, I got bored one day and decided to think some more upon possible names, opting this time to look for less "predictable" ones to consider. (Don't get excited, the list did not include Madonna or Boris.)

Perhaps sensing the imminent arrival of a girl, I focused mainly on female choices, and listed only three possible "unusual" boy names that I had gleaned from long ago British history:

Lionel, Edmund or Edgar

April 2015: Final Baby Name Predictions
Growing restless as we waited and waited and waited for the baby, I decided to draft yet another predictive post. In my anxiety for the new arrival, I inexplicably (and inaccurately) decided that the baby would NOT by a girl. To which, I added the note: "If you've followed my predictions for a while, you'll that generally fewer than half of my predictions come true."

This time, I offered no explanations (although I did share baby pics of the Queen, Prince Philip, Diana, Charles, William and George, so that you might imagine how the baby would look) and simply stated that a boy would be named:


I also declared Elizabeth for a girl, which was kind of right since it is among Princess Charlotte's names.

March 2018: Georgian Baby Names for Baby Cambridge
For the third round of Cambridge offspring, I decided to draw upon my many decades of study of royal history to come to the conclusion that since George and Charlotte were the most commonly used names among the Georgian (or Hanoverian) British Royal House, William and Catherine most have a special affinity for this era. So, I carefully reviewed all of the names used by the families of Kings George I through IV and King William IV to determine which were the most likely. 

Since many of these names are also common among the current British Royal Family (William, Henry, and Edward, for instance), I made my brave declarations for:

Frederick or Alfred

April 2018: Desperate Twitter Predictions
In my desperation not to have never mentioned that name that is ultimately announced, I desperately listed the following possibilities soon after the name baby arrived:

Frederick and Alfred (because if I don't support my predictions, who will?)
John, Thomas, Philip, David, Maurice or Patrick

Then I tweeted out one final desperate attempt at arbitrary predictions:


And, now today, with Prince William's teasing references to people named Alexander and Jeremy, I am pulling Alexander out of my discard pile. Yes, they already included it in George's name, but I read somewhere that Catherine just loves it, so my last and most final and most desperate prediction in the hopes of final, at last, accurately predicting a royal baby's name, I give you:


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