20 December 2015

Danish Royal Ladies of 2015

We continue our royal "photo albums" with the Danish royal family. Queen Margrethe celebrated her 75th birthday with usual extensive glittering, international royal fanfare that they reserve for all of their big events. She also confirmed once again that she has no intention of ever abdicating; she, like Queen Elizabeth but unlike former Queen Beatrix, was crowned in a religious ceremony with lifelong vows that she takes seriously. The Crown Prince's family faced two questionable biopics about the Crown Princely couple. Crown Princess Mary also was the victim of tabloid rumors about a rift between her and her siblings, which the Palace officially denied. Even though they usually do not comment on "gossip," the Palace also felt was necessary to deny reports that Princess Marie had undergone breast augmentation. In little princess news, eight-year-old Princess Isabella (now 9) took on her first royal engagement, christening a ferry boat named in her honor with her mother by her side. A few weeks later her four-year-old sister Princess Josephine broke her arm in a fall from a horse.

The Royal Family's traditional summer holiday photocall

Queen Margrethe, looking queenly at the Swedish royal wedding of the year

Crown Princess Mary with her twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, who is sporting her cast

Princess Isabella on her first royal engagement with mum by her side

Princess Marie with her Prince Charming Joachim at the Swedish royal wedding

Princess Athena making a balcony appearance with her dad

Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne Marie of Greece on the balcony with King Constantine to celebrate their big sister's 75th birthday

Alexandra Countess of Frederiksborg was also invited to her former mother-in-law's birthday celebrations



  1. And of course the latest Danish news is that last week Prince Christian was caught in a rip tide in Queensland, Australia, and saved by a lifeguard.