27 May 2017

Previously at the Palace: Elisabeth of Denmark

In this series, we capture the biographical and major news posts from this date in previous years so that you can "catch up" on your favorites or reflect on some topics you might have missed. One paragraph is included here; click the title to see the full post.

2015: Elisabeth of Denmark
"While the line of succession to the British throne includes hundreds of people, succession in Denmark is limited to the descendants of King Christian X through approved marriage and therefore includes only 12 people. The lady at the end of that line is Queen Margrethe II's first cousin, Princess Elisabeth of Denmark (1935- ), who celebrated her 80th birthday on May 8. At the time of her birth, however, Elisabeth was not in the line of succession at all because women were barred. Her father, Prince Knud became the Hereditary Prince as heir to his brother, King Frederik IX when Frederik only had daughters. By 1953, the law was changed to allow women to inherit, pushing Knud down the line but allowing Elisabeth to finally enter the line, although after her younger brothers. When the two of them made non-dynastic marriages, she moved up." Read More

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