02 May 2017

Royal Lady Flashback: Christa von Preussen

Princess Christa Friederike Cecilie Alexandrine Helene Dorothea of Prussia (1936-  )

The second of two daughters born to Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, who was destined to have been an Emperor of Germany, if his grandfather Kaiser Wilhelm II had not lost the throne. Wilhelm's marriage to Countess Dorothea von Salviati was originally not approved by the ex-Emperor and Wilhelm surrendered his dynastic rights and those of his children. He was killed in World War II and his marriage was finally declared dynastic so that his girls would be recognized (by the family, not by the country) as Princesses of Prussia. Princess Christa married Peter von Assis Liebes, but he passed away at age 41 in 1967. The couple had no children. Christa lives in Bavaria, but she has been instrumental in the commercial development of Crown Prince's Gardens in Berlin. It is a mixed-use area located next to the former home of her great-great grandparents, Emperor Friedrich III and Victoria Princess Royal.


  1. Christa was born October 31, 1936. Her older sister, Felicitas, was born in 1934.

  2. Thanks for catching that typo. I have corrected it.