26 October 2014

Princesses on Social Media

The media got a little excited this week when The Queen pressed "tweet" and officially issued her very first message via Twitter. While the British Monarchy has long maintained its presence on social media, no one should mistake this tweet heard 'round the world as QEII's own entrance into the virtual world. Her Majesty prefers to keep in touch with people via letters, telephone, and IRL ("in real life"), not on Facebook.

Other royals, however, are actively and personally engaged on various social media platforms. Some like The Duke of York's Twitter account (@TheDukeofYork) are jointly maintained by the royal and by staff, while others are genuinely operated only by the royal. In fact, the palace staff seemed just as surprised as the rest of the world when Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway suddenly popped up on Twitter. She, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece and Queen Rania all use their accounts to talk about their professional activities but also post family pics too. Others, like Princess Mabel of The Netherlands keep theirs strictly professional.

There are many imitators out there, so be wary. Twitter and Facebook try to help out by denoting real accounts of the more famous people with check marks.

Here is a quick list of some of our top royal ladies' social media accounts. These are not the official accounts managed by the various palaces.

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Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway @CrownPrincessMM 
Princess Mabel of The Netherlands @MabelvanOranje
Queen Noor of Jordan @QueenNoor 
Queen Rania of Jordan @QueenRania 
Princess Beatrice of York @YorkieBea
Sarah Duchess of York  @SarahTheDuchess
Princess Eugenie of York: Her father has said she is on Twitter, but her account does not appear to be public; beware of fakes.
Autumn Phillips  @DensilKelly

Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece: MarieChantal22
Queen Rania of Jordan: QueenRania