11 July 2015

My Hiatus

Hat shopping for my pre-wedding tea with blog reader Pearl.

Dear Readers,

I apologize for my recent lack of posts, but I think you will forgive me when you learn the reason:  I am getting married soon!! A few years ago, I reunited with an old high school sweetheart and we are finally marrying. We first met in 1985--30 years ago--as students at the same high school.

Thank you so much for the messages of concern. I am very touched to know that I (or at least the blog) have been missed! I will probably not return to blogging until some time in August.

In the meantime, here is my commentary on recent royal happenings:

Carl Philip and Sofia's wedding: Was that a royal wedding or were they filming Princess Diaries 3? While it was clearly a very personal wedding, nearly every part of it was unexpected and I still haven't quite gotten past my anti-Sofia feelings. It's not about her personally--I wish her only good things and respect that she has made her own way in her life--it is about the integrity of monarchy. If these people are going to be held up and admired as being more special than the rest of this, I kinda feel like they have an obligation to hold themselves to higher standards. If they become too much "like us," won't they lose their significance altogether?

Madeleine's baby: Amazing how she made it through her brother's wedding only two days before giving birth! If we could all be so gorgeous under such conditions! I love the baby's name, Prince Nicolas, but I continue to be surprised that her children are being given royal titles since her husband didn't take one, most monarchies are slimming down, and the family clearly does not intend to live in Sweden.

The Yorks: A modern family by any measure. When Prince Andrew showed up at Ascot with his ex-wife, two daughters, and the girls' boyfriends shortly after it had become apparent that his ex has a new love, I wasn't surprised. But recent events in Sweden have caused me to wonder whether Andrew has been thinking about Koo Stark and what might have been...

Speaking of Ascot: You know that I don't like baby bump watchers. I think it is intrusive at best and downright mean at worst. So when Zara Phillips Tindall's unflattering Ascot dress set the blogosphere a-Twitter, I tried my best to calm everyone down. Unfortunately, her media people still had to come forward to deny the viral pregnancy rumors. Zara, like most of us, does not have a "perfect" body, but she is very fit and continues to train for the Olympics. (BTW I remember a similar announcement from the Monagesques a few decades ago: "Princess Caroline, like most women, does not have a perfectly flat stomach.")

The Queen and Prince Philip: Despite Philip's recent salty talk at an official photo session, no one can fault the man or his wife for slacking off. After participating in Trooping the Colour, they went out to a private drinks party with their grandchildren, showed up the next day at polo, then wore those heavy Garter robes for the walk down the hill at Windsor on Monday, followed by four days at Royal Ascot, and finished off with an official state visit to Germany. I wish I were confident that I were going to have that much energy at 50 much less in my 90s. So, if Prince Philip's snaps off impatiently at a photographer, so what? Most great-grandpas do the same for much less!

Princess Beatrice's engagement: Okay, so this (still) has not happened yet, I'm writing about it now in case it happens while I am away from the blog. Congrats, Yorkie Bea and Dave! I think you are a lovely couple and I hope that you will be very happy.

Princess Madeleine's third pregnancy: So, this hasn't happened yet either but with the rate that her second pregnancy followed the first, I thought I might better mention it just in case...

Now, that I am just getting silly, I shall sign off for a bit. I hope you all have a lovely summer! I'll be back again before you know it (and this time with a new, impossible to spell or pronounce new Croatian surname!)