18 February 2016

Throwback Thursday: Another Cuban In-Law & a Musical Princess

Christina with her handsome Cuban husband about a year before they divorced.
By Anefo / Croes, R.C. via Wikimedia Commons
Today marks the 69th birthday of Princess Christina of the Netherlands, the youngest of Queen Juliana's four daughters, and therefore an aunt to the current King Willem Alexander. Like most royal babies, she had numerous godparents, but among hers was probably one of the youngest in history: her then nine-year-old sister Beatrix. Unfortunately her mother had German measles during the pregnancy, causing Christina to be born practically blind. She underwent a series of treatments, including faith healers, throughout her childhood. As an adult, she made her own way in the world, pursuing her love of music as a profession. She defied her family and country to marry a Roman Catholic. Her husband, Jorge Pérez y Guillermo, was the first Cuban to marry into a European royal family--two decades later Cubana Maria Teresa Mestre y Batista married the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg. (Maria Teresa and Henri celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary just a few days ago, on Valentine's Day. ) Christina and Jorge divorced after 21 years--in fact just at the same time that Maria Teresa was becoming royal. Christina and Jorge have three children and two grandchildren together. Christina is rarely seen at royal events, living her life quietly in England and Italy.

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