17 July 2016

A (Furry) Year with the Duchess

Camilla Parker Bowles - Duchess of Cornwall
By KoronaLacassePhoto 
via Wikimedia Commons
As we honor the 69th birthday of The Duchess of Cornwall, wife of The Prince of Wales, I thought we should take a look back at the last yea but in a very special way. The former Camilla Parker-Bowles (nee Shand) has a great love of furry creatures--dogs and horses especially. Fortunately, being a royal affords her many opportunities to make four-legged friends all over the world. Whether it was visiting the Duchy of Cornwall, making an official tour of Australia and New Zealand, or going about public and personal activities back in the UK, Camilla always took the time to pat a new pal. Often, she shared her love of animals with her husband and on occasion got to bond with her mother-in-law over this shared interest.

Sometimes, she met service animals or show animals. Other times, she happened upon the beloved companions of people who gather in the streets to meet a visiting royal. She also lent her support to charities dedicated to protecting animals as well as organizations that employ animals to assist people. In fact, Camilla's other great interests, such as supporting those with osteoporosis or promoting reading, often use animals to extend their work.

She even managed to meet at least one unicorn. Meanwhile, interactions with other creatures were less predictably...

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