22 April 2017

Previously at the Palace: Marie Louise of Hohenzollern

In this series, we capture the biographical and major news posts from this date in previous years so that you can "catch up" on your favorites or reflect on some topics you might have missed. The first paragraph is included here; click the title to see the full post.

“Although strongly connected by family ties across most of the royal houses of Europe, Marie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1845-1912) likely never imagined how close she would come to a throne. Born into a non-reigning branch of the Hohenzollern dynasty that ruled Germany, Marie married the youngest brother of the Belgian King, while her sister married the King of Portugal and one brother was selected as the King of Romania. No such crowned fate seemed likely for Marie when Britain's Queen Victoria matched her with her own cousin Philippe Count of Flanders.”

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