08 June 2017

Previously at the Palace: Queens' Sisters & The Last Monarchies

In this series, we capture the biographical and major news posts from this date in previous years so that you can "catch up" on your favorites or reflect on some topics you might have missed. One paragraph is included here; click the title to see the full post.

"One hundred years ago, the young princesses, archduchesses and grand duchesses of Europe were attending balls and fretting over which distant cousin their parents would select for their husbands. As the summer progressed, they cruised the Mediterranean or the Black Sea or the Baltic dreaming about their futures. By the end of the summer, those dreams would turn to ashes. For many, there would be no princely husbands, for some, there would be no future at all." READ MORE

Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Mr. Christopher O'Neill
Photo: Ewa-Maria Rundquist, The Royal Court of Sweden
"Reigning queens are somewhat rare, so younger sisters of reigning queens are even rarer. With the future Swedish queen's younger sister, Princess Madeleine, marrying in Stockholm today, it seems like an appropriate moment to highlight some of these ladies who were always a princess but never a queen.READ MORE

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