30 July 2011

A Sporting Scottish Wedding

Today, Miss Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips married her longtime love, rugby star Mike Tindall. So, why does a sports stars wife, who is herself an equestrian Olympic hopeful, rate attention from the Princess Palace? Well, there may be no titles involved, but Zara is a royal standout as the only daughter of HRH The Princess Royal. Her life has been closely monitored from the beginning, when she was given her unusual name by her uncle The Prince of Wales to her rebellious tongue-stud clubbing days to her highly successful athletic career.

For the wedding, Zara paired a full-figured gown featuring clean lines with the "meander tiara" that once belonged to her great-grandmother, Princess Alice of Greece. An elegant look for a young woman whose fashion choices are usually more brassy. But, well done.

Despite the traditional look and feel of the wedding, Zara is breaking with tradition by keeping her own name as many career women do today. She is a well-established athlete with several corporate sponsors and her own line of sportswear.

The bridesmaids look adorable. They are the daughters of friends of the bridal couple.

The bride's cousin, Princess Beatrice, despite hiring a stylist since her last wedding ensemble caused an international furore, still goes a bit "over the top," but she looks very pretty.  Meanwhile, Bea's sister, Princess Eugenie, looks more sedate in chocolate and cream with their dad, Prince Andrew, who recently returned from a canoeing holiday in Canada.

The bride's uncle Prince Edward and his wife Sophie. At forty-something Sophie is reportedly trying to keep up with the fashions and figures of the younger royal lady. True or not, she seems to be doing an excellent job of maintaining her looks and style.

Royal newlywed Catherine revisited some looks we have seen before, perhaps trying in vain not to steal the bride's spotlight. Incidentally, since the wedding is in Scotland, she should be officially referred to by her Scottish title, The Countess of Strathearn, rather than The Duchess of Cambridge.

Speaking of Scottish titles, The Duchess of Rothesay (rather than Cornwall) seems to be reliving her look from her own royal wedding at the registry office with this coat dress and flowered headpiece. It may be just a bit too large.

Queen Elizabeth II looks radiant in apricot for her eldest granddaughter's nuptials.

Meanwhile, the mother of the bride, The Princess Royal, has raised some eyebrows with her bright red print. But, Anne is not known for her fashion and I say cheers to her for choosing something festive.

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