18 February 2014

Looking for your prince at the Olympics

Most princes love sports. They play them. They watch them. Even Prince Philip has a television in the royal box to keep up with cricket when he accompanies The Queen to her favorite sport, horse racing. So, elite athletic events are an excellent place to spot royals. And, there is no athletic competition that draws more royal attention than the Olympics.

The future (now former) King Constantine of Greece won a sailing gold medal in Rome in 1960. Anne The Princess Royal competed on Britain's equestrian team in Montreal in 1976 and her daughter, Zara Phillips Tindall, did the same in London in 2012, where she won a silver medal. Prince Albert of Monaco competed in bobsled from 1988 to 2002 and his bride Charlene was on South Africa's 2000 swim team in Sydney.

Princess Estelle
But royals also have some down time while they are at The Games. In fact, at least two royal marriages have resulted from chance encounters at The Olympics. You can read more about it in my guest post at the fantastic blog, The Royal Source. But, I will give you a hint: if not for one of these Olympic romances, we wouldn't have the popular little princess pictured here.

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