30 July 2014

Baby Bump Watch 2014

Prince George in Australia in April
Twice this week, I have been asked whether The Duchess of Cambridge has recently miscarried. My response: if you read about it in the supermarket, it probably didn't happen. Nevertheless, Prince George's first birthday has a lot of people looking wishfully toward Kate's belly. Poor Kate. There are many drawbacks to being a princess but one of the worst is undoubtedly everyone's constant obsession with whether or not you are breeding. I am reminded that the Princely House of Monaco once felt compelled to announce that Princess Caroline, "like most women," simply did not have a "perfectly flat stomach."

Princess Estelle last year
Here at The Princess Palace we (meaning I) officially despise Baby Bump Watches as invasive and stress-inducing--think of Crown Princess Masako of Japan. Nevertheless, recent key word searches have brought many readers to the blog looking for breaking news about impending royal babies. It is clear that many people (myself included) are excited about the possibility of royal siblings for Princess Estelle of Sweden and Prince George of Cambridge as well as a first child for the Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, whose new sister-in-law delivered a child in near record time.

But, I encourage us all to damp down our excitement and instead focus on the royal babies we can already enjoy. We see new pics of Danes and Swedes with regularity. Prince George has made a couple of appearances this summer and by the end of the year we will have our long-awaited heir (or two!) in Monaco. Surely these babies are cute enough to satisfy us until another arrives in due time. Motherhood is challenging enough without rabid royalwatchers pressuring you into mass production. ;)
Danish royal twins Vincent 
Josephine last year
Princess Leonore of Sweden

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