15 June 2015

A New Prince on the Scene

By Frankie Fouganthin

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As of Saturday, June 13, Europe's list of eligible bachelor princes was decreased by one when Prince Carl Philip of Sweden married his longtime love Sofia Hellqvist. Less than 48 hours, that void had already been filled by his new nephew as Princess Madeleine gave birth to her second child. Her baby boy arrived at 1:45 (Stockholm time) on the afternoon of Monday, June 15.

The heavily pregnant Madeleine looked spectacular at the wedding with her husband Chris O'Neill and their 16-month-old daughter Princess Leonor. However, they did leave the wedding celebrations early--the party continued until 5:30 Sunday morning! A name has not yet been announced for the new Prince but he and Madeleine are said to be well. They plan to leave the hospital on Tuesday.

It will be a couple of decades before the new prince reaches "eligible" status, so let's take a quick look at the very few princes on that list today.

By Eva Rinaldi  

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-- At the top of everyone's list, there is the irrepressible Prince Harry of Wales, age 30. Famous for his ginger hair, easy grin, and playful sense of humor, he is also known as a bit of a naughty boy. (What happened in Vegas, did not stay in Vegas for him.) However, he is also deeply respected for his military career, which has included two combat tours in Afghanistan, and his charitable work, not only taking on some of the causes of his late mother Princess Diana but also starting his own with Sentebale and heading up last year's Invictus Games for injured service men and women. He is also an active sportsman himself and can be seen playing polo and rugby with some regularity. With little interest in academics, Harry wanted to join the army from a young age, so he skipped university and went straight to Sandhurst Military Academy after finishing at Eton. Therefore, he graduated from Sandhurst a year ahead of his older brother, Prince William The Duke of Cambridge. Harry has had a couple of prominent romances, but no one in particular seems to be in his life at the moment.

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-- Prince Sebastien of Luxembourg, 23, is the last bachelor prince left in his tiny country, which encompasses less than 1,000 square miles nestled between Belgium, France and Germany. He is the youngest of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg's five children by his Cuban-born wife Maria Teresa. Sebastien attended schools in Luxembourg, Switzerland and England before enrolling at the Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio) in the United States. Last month, he completed a degree in marketing and international business. Like most princes, he is also an active sportsman, and played for the school's rugby team. He is also quite a linguist; he and his siblings speak five languages. Most of their countrymen speak the three official languages of Luxembourgish, French and German, but the grand ducal family also speaks English and Spanish. Sebastien's older brothers have tended to marry young--one at age 29 and one at age 20! Based on that history, he may not stay on our list of eligible royals for very much longer.

By Holger Motzkau

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-- Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark, 29, is also the youngest of five children. His parents are the former King Constantine II of Greece and his wife Anne Marie of Denmark. His parents went into exile long before he was born, so he did not actually visit Greece until he was an adult. Instead, he was born in London and counts his cousin The Duke of Edinburgh, his uncle King Emeritus Juan Carlos of Spain and the late Diana Princess of Wales among his godparents. Like most of his siblings, he completed his education in the United States, where he studied at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. With close relatives on the thrones of both Spain and Denmark, he has also spent considerable time in both of these countries. He currently works as a hedge funds manager in New York City.

After these gents, we still have several years to wait for the next set of princes to grow up. Prince Nikolai of Denmark, now 15, is the oldest of that generation. (Although Norway's Crown Prince has an 18-year-old stepson, Marius Borg Hoiby, if you want to look at the royal-adjacent category.)

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  1. Marius is so handsome. He's rocking a Leonardo DiCaprio vibe. I think out of all of them, Prince Harry will have the hardest time finding a bride. It takes a special, strong woman to give up her freedom for a lifetime of living in the British royal family blitzkrieg where your every move and the way you look is scrutinized in minute detail.