22 November 2016

New Photos of the Dutch Princesses

The House of Orange in The Netherlands does a good job of providing updated photos and photo opportunities for their three young princesses. This way, we admirers can keep track of how they grow and change without relying on paparazzi pics. This latest set was taken over the summer. They show that Catharina Amalia (nearly 13 now), Alexia (11) and Ariane (9) are continuing to thrive, although Amalia had recently injured herself and was wearing a cast at the time. Just part of being a member of one very outgoing and active family!

All photos copyright RVD, photos by Jeroen van der Meyde

Alexia, named for her daddy, but looking more and more like her mum.

The baby of the family, Ariane

Catharina Amalia, The Princess of Orange and future queen

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