28 February 2015

Cambridge Baby #2 Names

By See Li via Wikimedia Commons
I am going to be honest: I have no idea when The Duchess of Cambridge is due to have her second child. Of course, I know it is this year but I couldn't tell you if it is supposed to be March, April or May. I have just not been on top of all things Cambridge. But there are PLENTY of blogs to provide you with Kate updates. That's not what readers of this blog are looking for. Instead, I am here to try to provide some historical perspective on princesses, including why today's princesses do what they do--including what they name their babies!

For my perspective on possible names for Cambridge Baby #1 from before he was born, check out my post, What Will Kate Name the Baby?

First things first, the name of the new baby is not as dynastically important as the name of the Cambridge's first child. After all, Prince George of Cambridge is expected to be king some day so it is entirely possible that only the names of former monarchs were even considered for him. His full name is George Alexander Louis. George is the name of six British kings (including The Queen's beloved father and grandfather). Alexander is the name three Scottish kings, and Catherine and William did meet in Scotland. It could also be a tribute to one of William's godmothers, The Queen's cousin Princess Alexandra. Louis is the name of The Duke of Edinburgh's favorite uncle Earl Mountbatten of Burma, whom The Prince of Wales called his "honorary grandfather." Louis is also among William's four names.

However, this doesn't mean that all bets are off with this "less important" baby. William and Catherine are still fairly conservative people, so they are not likely to choose unusual names or hipster names and don't expect a Prince Middleton of Cambridge. While they may not select a regnal name, they will likely choose a notably royal name with some family connections. I do suspect that this baby could end up with just two names and that at least one of its names will be a clear tribute to Kate's side of the family. After all, the Cambridges spend quite a bit of time with the Middletons. Don't be surprised to see some variation of Carole or Michael in honor of the maternal grandparents.

Victoria ordered that all her
descendants be named 
her or her husband Albert.
By Alexander Passano via
Wikimedia Commons
Since Queen Victoria, British princes have carried the names Albert, Edward, Alfred, Arthur, Leopold, Victor, George (already taken by big brother), Alexander, John, Charles, Henry, William, Richard, Michael, Andrew, Edward, Henry (uncle Prince Harry), and James.

Their choice of George may indicate a penchant for less contemporary names. Also, all of these names are currently in use by members of the BRF except Victor and Alfred. Could these two characteristics make them front runners?

We could also see a tribute to William's grandfather Prince Philip or his own godfathers: King Constantine of Greece, Norton Lord Romsey and Sir Laurens van der Post.

I'm still liking Scottish tributes, which could add Robert and David to the list as appropriate royal names. (I'm a descendant of the Bruces so these are my faves. LOL)

Elizabeth would honor The
Queen Mother, The Queen,
Catherine and her mother.
By Richard Stone
via Wikimedia Commons
Going back to Queen Victoria again, British princesses have been named Victoria, Alice, Helena, Louise, Beatrice, Marie, Melita, Alexandra, Patricia, Margaret, Alice, Maud, Elizabeth, Anne and Eugenie.

Most of these names are not currently in use in the BRF, so perhaps Alice (Prince Philip's mother), Louise, Marie, or Maud could make the cut. Melita and Patricia would be longer shots. The choice of either Margaret or Elizabeth could be sentimental favorites. Margaret for The Queen's sister and for its ties to historic Scottish queens. Elizabeth for The Queen and her own mother, William's beloved great granny, The Queen Mother.

For a girl, tributes to William's godmothers could include Alexandra (for Princess Alexandra), Susan (for Lady Susan Hussey) and Natalia (for the Duchess of Westminster.

Almost the entire world, I think, is longing for a baby named Diana in honor of William's mother. I don't like the idea of hanging that legacy on a little girl but I also thought Diana's engagement ring had bad juju, but William didn't ask me for my input on that one either. Nevertheless, they could opt for a tribute to Diana's Spencer relations with Frances for his gran and Jane or Sarah for his aunts. (Although since Sarah is also the name of the controversial Sarah Duchess of York, I think they'll steer clear of that.)

In addition to Carol, the baby's maternal family could also yield the tribute names of Catherine, Philippa, Elizabeth and Dorothy. Beyond its regal connections, Elizabeth is also the middle name of both Kate and her mother. Kate's own nan Dorothy could be honored with Dorothea, which was a fairly common name among the Georgian princesses of Britain.

Don't bet money on these! (But if you do AND you win anything please contact me to share the spoils!!)

For a boy, Philip Michael Charles or Robert Andrew Michael.

For a girl, Alice Carole Elizabeth or Margaret Alexandra Elizabeth.


  1. I also have been partial for Philip as the boy's name. I hope they pick Philip anyway. Most likely Michael and Charles will be the other two names. I feel they will pick Diana as one of the names for a girl. I lean towards Elizabeth Diana Carole for a girl. Diana for William's mother. Carole for Catherine's mother and Elizabeth in honor of the Queen which of course is William's grandmother.

  2. I hope they don't have Elizabeth as a first name, and either Diana or Carole. There are plenty of other "suitable" names that are not closely aligned with someone else in particular