30 December 2015

Dutch Royal Ladies of 2015

In The Netherlands, it was mostly business as usual. Queen Maxima travelled the world both on behalf of her adopted country and as a U.N. special ambassador for inclusive finance for development. (We should remember that she is highly educated with a master's degree in economics and professional work experience in finance, banking, and institutional sales.) However, she cut short an official visit to China and was hospitalized in Amsterdam for a kidney infection. Her husband continued the tour alone. She was on the balcony in London with the Duchess of Cambridge and the Countess of Wessex this year for Remembrance Sunday; all of the royal families participated in special ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Oldest daughter Amalia The Princess of Orange started secondary school by cycling to the neighborhood school. A few months later, one of her security agents created an uproar when he forgot his gun at the school. Princess Alexia hit the big 1-0. Princess Mabel continued her international crusade against childhood marriage and in favor of education for girls. Just a few days ago, Princess Carolina (of the extended family, but not officially of the royal house) gave birth to her second child, a baby boy named Xavier.

Queen Maxima on the balcony with the Duchess of Cambridge on Remembrance Sunday

Princess Beatrix wearing a typical Beatrix hat.

Amalia Princess of Orange cycles herself to her first day at her new school.

The younger princesses Alexia (center) and Ariane with their mother Queen Maxima on King's Day in April.

The King's cousin's wife Princess Annette (right) with his sister-in-law Princess Mabel (widow of his brother Friso), who continued her work on human rights around the world.

The King's other sister-in-law Princess Laurentien is known for her lively fashion choices, but in this case, the bright orange is a patriotic choice for King's Day.

The King's oldest aunt Princess Irene was among the dozens of royals who participated in 70th anniversary commemorations for the end of World War II.

Princess Margriet is the King's most popular aunt in The Netherlands and in Canada, where she was born during World War II.

Princess Margriet has four sons and four daughters-in-law including Princess Annette (earlier) and Princess Marilene, Princess Anita and Princess Aimee in their King's Day appearances.

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