30 December 2015

Norwegian Royal Ladies of 2015

The Norwegian royal family experienced a year of unusual accidents. Just days ago, the King, Queen and their daughter attended a memorial service for a woman killed in a freak accident on the day after Christmas at one of the church's they frequent--a flagpole fell and hit her on the head, killing her instantly. Queen Sonja also made headlines for assisting some teenagers after an accident in the sea near the royal summer home. Meanwhile her daughter Princess Martha Louise hit the news when her house nearly caught fire; she had left something baking in the oven when she left to take her children to school and returned to find the fire fighters already on the scene. On her wedding anniversary in August, Crown Princess Mette Marit was on her way to an official engagement when another car slammed into hers. Although the accident was minor, it aggravated her ongoing back problems and caused her to cancel several engagements. Next year will open with public celebrations of the King's 25th anniversary as monarch (a bittersweet moment no doubt since it also marks the death of his father.) In February, the family bid farewell to the King's brother-in-law, John Martin Ferner, who died at the age of 87.

Queen Sonja, formerly a seamstress, has an eye for notable outfits. This year, she chose sunshine yellow for the Swedish royal wedding.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit joined other senior members of the royal family for the annual presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra and her little brother Prince Sverre Magnus donned traditional clothing for the celebration of Norway's national day on May 17.

Princess Martha Louise toned down her usually bold sartorial choices to create this refined and sophisticated look for the Swedish royal wedding.

The King's only surviving sister, Princess Astrid, started the year with the death of her husband and ended up by lighting London's Christmas tree, which is an annual Christmas gift from Norway in thanks for British support during World War II.

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