18 November 2017

Countdown to the 70th: The Queen & Prince Philip's 6th Decade

In this daily series, we will countdown the last week until the 70th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh (formerly a Prince of Greece). Each day, we will offer just a few snaps from each decade of their marriage.

Today, we celebrate the sixth 10 years. With the Queen's direct and apparently heartfelt address to the nation and Prince Philip's long walk behind Diana's coffin, the couple recovered quickly from the nadir that followed Diana's death in late August. By the time of their 50th anniversary celebration in November, the crowds were back in the streets cheering wildly for them. This launched them into a decade filled with personal joys and personal grief. Their youngest son married at long last a woman that they both adored--although the couple would be caught up in some scandal regarding their for-profit careers, which they then abandoned for public service. The couple brought the final two grandchildren into the family. Prince Charles remarried and his new wife, the long-despised Camilla became a steady and beneficial member of "The Firm." But, this decade also saw the loss of Philip's last surviving sister. The Queen also lost her only sister just week's before the death of her 101-year-old mother, the beloved Queen Mother. The death of siblings undoubtedly makes one think of their own mortality, but Elizabeth and Philip soldiered on into another decade of life and marriage.

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  1. First of all ,I have to thank you for your great and informative blog. I have enjoyed reading through it. Prince Philip and the Queen continue to inspire us as a couple. Hope this new decade of marriage brings them both more happiness.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoy the blog!