19 January 2018

Royal Lady Flashback: Sophie of Isenburg's Wedding

Sophie Johanna Maria of Isenburg (1978-  )
Her Serene Highness Princess Sophie of Isenburg (1978-2011)
Her Imperial and Royal Highness The Princess of Prussia (2011-  )

Today we are flashing back just six and a half years to the wedding of the young head of the Imperial House of Hohenzollern, Georg Friedrich The Prince of Prussia, claimant to the German throne that was lost by his great-grandfather Kaiser Wilhelm II nearly 100 years ago, and Princess Sophie of Isenburg. The couple wed on August 25, 2011. Sophie grew up in her family's castle in Hesse. She was educated at the University of Freiburg and the Humboldt University of Berlin. She completed overseas internships in London, Shanghai and Hong Kong. She is a consultant for nonprofit businesses. The couple's civil ceremony took place in the city hall of Potsdam followed by a religious ceremony at the Church of Peace. The service also marked the 950th anniversary of the Hohenzollern dynasty. The reception was held in one of the dynasty's former palaces, Sanssouci. Sophie's gown was designed by Wolfgang Joop. She wore one of her family's tiaras, replacing it later with the Prussian Meander Tiara from the Hohenzollern vaults.

Since the wedding, the couple has had four children. Twins Carl Friedrich and Louis Ferdinand were born in 2013, Emma Marie in 2015 and Heinrich in 2016.

Sophie will celebrate her 40th birthday on March 7, 2018.

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