18 April 2016

Happy 90th: Baby Queen Elizabeth

As Queen Elizabeth II prepares to celebrate her 90th birthday on April 21, I thought it be jolly good fun to take a look at what she looked like in the first decade of her life. I just love her golden-curled baby photos! She made the cover of Time magazine when just an infant, even though she had no expectation of inheriting the throne--and she set a trend for the color yellow before she could even toddle.

Look at this face. It could almost be a picture of baby Prince Charles.

Almost nothing is cuter than a baby in a baby-sized chair.  You can certainly tell that this is the great-grandmother of a prince who would be nicknamed "Cheeks" by his fans.

Already waving while still in the pram. She christened herself with her family nickname of Lilibet, her own baby-talk version of her name.

It's in photos like this that I can see the faces of her granddaughter Lady Louise and her great-granddaughters Savannah and Isla Phillips.

What little girl doesn't love a ridge on a tricycle? I'm loving the hat.

The princess as ballerina.

At one of her very first garden parties. This one was at her mother's ancestral home in Scotland, where the York family spent quite a bit of time. Elizabeth was born at the Strathmore's home in London and sister Margaret was born at their castle in Scotland.

This is one of the rare photos where Margaret Rose is not shining, while big sister Lilibet is simply glowing. Notice the monogram on her purse. Elizabeth said that she would call her baby sister "Bud," because she was not quite a Rose yet.

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Another darling little purse, or perhaps the reverse side of the one above. And, clearly she is in Scotland again and out in the country. Both places where she still likes to spend her personal time.

A little beauty at eight years old. In this photo, she looks remarkably like her father--it's something about those eyes.

Just hanging out with Granny (Queen Mary) and Grandpapa England (George V) on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. You can just see the top of Margaret's head above the bunting.

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Her great love for corgis started when she was just a girl. They have become synonymous with her.
In fact, her corgi Susan, an 18th birthday gift, even has her own Wikipedia article.

Just a few months before their uncle King Edward VIII's abdication changed their lives forever, the royal sisters posed for this photo outside of their child-sized Welsh cottage with one of their many furry friends. By the end of that year 1936, Elizabeth would be the heir to the most important throne in the world. She was just 10 years old.

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  1. Wow Lilibet looks just like prince Harry